Delivering ultimate solar parks from conception to construction
Mercer Solar is a solar energy project development and management company. We are part of the GoldenPeaks Capital Group – one of the world’s most successful green energy organisations and among the fastest growing independent operators in Europe.
We combine a unique set of specialist teams harnessing decades of global energy industry experience across every stage of a RES project, from initiation to optimised production.
Henryk Baranowski
Chairman, Mercer Solar

Agility and efficiency
in a fast moving sector

Establishing and running efficient, sustainable, reliable and profitable solar energy parks relies on deep experience and acumen. Ours is an industry where commercial and environmental circumstances demand precision, agility and speed to secure opportunities and respond to shifting market demands and drivers.

At Mercer Solar we have all the necessary expertise to deliver and manage your solar project with turnkey precision, no matter what the variables.

Our Services

Project Development

Mercer Solar’s expert team has a many years’ experience in collaborating with industry, municipalities, landowners and government agencies, especially in Poland and Hungary. We are adept at legally securing all planning and permission requirements as well as technical preconditions for the successful implementation of any solar energy project.

Our expertise in project development includes:

Site analysis and assessment
Management and support of the approval process
Optimisation of plant layout
Preparation and drafting of documents for permit applications
Preparation, supervision and execution of auctions
Structuring and implementation of customised participation models
Project pre-financing and/or interim financing
Structuring and implementation of electricity marketing
Analysis & assessment
Plant layout

Project acquisition
and cooperation

Mercer Solar will optimise your solar park income potential. Whether you have solar energy project rights you would like to sell, or are simply looking for an experienced partner to cooperate with, we are here to assist.

Mercer Solar acquire the rights to projects throughout development and provide public utility companies, developers, planners and energy cooperatives with assistance during all stages of the process from conception to ultimate optimisation.

Added value for project partners and energy consumers

Mercer Solar not only generates clean energy, and so actively contributes to climate protection, but our business also creates tangible benefits and added value for energy consumers. We can achieve this through our solar park developments pursuant to the Renewable Energy Sources Act, among wider considerations.

We are also a partner for industrial customers for whom the long-term stabilization of business conditions is important, especially in the area of stabilizing electricity costs. Through our activities and cooperation in the supply of green electricity at a sustainable price, we provide a predictable environment for business development, while assisting our partners in their care for the environment and climate protection.

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Lease your land or body of water

You can secure additional income, with minimal input, by leasing your open spaces for photovoltaics with Mercer Solar. Whether it’s farmland, fallow land or land previously dedicated to industrial or military use, your spare unused land or body of water can be used to build solar parks.

Mercer Solar offer a comprehensive solution, from creating and managing the rental agreement to the planning, installation and commissioning of the full solar system and its maintenance.
A leasing contract with Mercer Solar runs for up to 30 years and allows you to benefit from secure rental payments without making any investment yourself. Please contact Mercer Solar if you have:
Up to 200 hectares of land – minimum 10 hectares – and are interested in the benefits of renting
Large scale properties for plants of up to 200 Megawatts (approx. 200 Hectares)
Land with a minimum area of 20 hectares for market-driven projects
Renting your land to Mercer has numerous benefits, including:
A fixed lease payment agreement
(for up to 30 years)
Additional potential ‘green maintenance’ income your leased land
Co-operation to ensure continuous
power supply and supply of green
energy at a sustainable price


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